Home Cleaning Fremont

With our busy schedules in our calendar today, our houses can be neglected and end up dusty and dirty. Now your house can remain sparkling clean even with your busy calendar. At InstaMaids, we are now closer to you in Fremont to offer house cleaning service.

You do not have to wait in a long queue or keep calling unanswered phones to schedule for your house to be cleaned. At InstaMaids, all you need to do is book online whether it is for a one time clean, deep cleaning or weekly cleanings for upkeep.

Experienced and Qualified Maids Fremont

InstaMaids is enjoying close to a decade of experience in offering cleaning services to our Fremont residents. Our maids have been rated highly as the most professional and dedicated team to ensure houses in Fremont are clean and happy.

Fair Pricing for Home Cleaning Services

InstaMaids offers the best pricing for house cleaning in Fremont. While booking for a maid to clean your house, you are required to select the mode of payment. This makes it easy and convenient for the clients to make payments after services have been delivered. We also offer different types for discounts for our valued customers. We are honest and transparent about pricing. Clients know before the maids arrive how much they will pay to have their house cleaned. This is to ensure the client is satisfied and that there are no hidden charges to what is quoted.

Flexible Timing Fremont

We understand you have a busy schedule, therefore, we allow you to pick a time and date that is convenient for you for your house cleaning in Fremont. Our maids are available and flexible to meet the client’s timing and needs. Booking and selecting the date and time is simple and easy. There are times that you will need your house or apartment to be cleaned on a regular basis. We are happy to provide all the cleaning service at the interval that you pick at a discounted rate.

How to book for cleaning services in Fremont

At InstaMaids, you will always receive the best treatment from our engaging staff. We always want the best for our valued customers and will work to provide you with a maid of your choice.

To have your house cleaned today,

  • Jump on our booking page
  • Enter your contact details, name, email address and phone number
  • Enter the details of your home that needs to be cleaned
  • Pick a time and date
  • Choose the mode of payment and review the charges
  • Wait as your house is being cleaned by a professional team of maids

It is that simple!