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Why Choose InstaMaids?

Carpet Cleaning

We’ve developed our reputation as one of the go-to cleaning companies in the South Bay Area because we keep the process simple.

We’re always listening to our customers for ways to improve our service, and one of the top requests is always carpet cleaning.

Well, we’re excited that after almost 10 years of servicing the South Bay Area for home cleaning, we can now also offer carpet cleaning!

How It Works

Here is what we will focus on during your cleaning:

  1. The team will start by reviewing all areas being cleaned and will go over the cleaning process with you.
  2. They will then spot treat any areas that may need extra attention prior to beginning.
  3. A deep cleaning of the carpet will begin using a high powered machine that will pump hot water and eco-friendly cleaning solution deep into the carpet to release the dirt within the fibers.
  4. To finish, the machine will then use a powerful suction to remove as much of the water as possible for the carpet to begin to dry.
  5. Allow a several hours for the carpet to dry so you can enjoy your freshly cleaned carpets!


Gone are the days of unanswered calls, terrible customer service, and zero ability to book or pay online.
Just enter the details of your home to see the price, let us know when you want it cleaned, and we take care of the rest.

Oh, did I mention you can do all of this online in just 60 seconds?